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Agencies and Partners can facilitate the successful transition of refugees and Immigrants into U.S communities by ensuring that refugees, Immigrants, low income gain support throughout society, opportunities and funding in community are available, technical assistance, outreach and partnership initiatives, linkages with resources networks.

This includes helping refugees find high-quality of employment, affordable early-learning opportunities; general resources, access to health care, child care, charter, transportation, legal assistance.

The generosity of our partner give hope and needs to be recognized, your contributions will help

  • To promote diversity and immigrant integration as a strategy for a stronger city, region and country
  • Partnership opportunities with refugee resettlement agencies to determine culturally and linguistically appropriate services
  • Establish a referral process, connect with resettlement agencies and the community
  • Share tools, best practices and resources about your organization
  • Logo placement as partner linked in world assistance website
  • Your organization name will be part of official event
  • Distinguished recognition on all print material
  • Personal recognition during speaking conferences, events
  • Share information cross-training opportunities focused on the culture and language of refugee populations