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We help newcomers in their countries to prepare for life before their arrival, so that they have a faster, more efficient economic and social integration.

Prepare for life provide to Newcomer, Permanent Residents, refugees, with accurate information and supports so that they can make informed decisions and begin the settlement process while still abroad and arrive better prepared to integrate into the society.

Most of refugees and immigrants will need a careful pre-departure orientation to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need during their long journey. Throughout workshop we provide an intensive predeparture orientation that prepares them to what expect. Our sessions are offered worldwide in English, French, and Swahili etc.

We inform them about specific issues facing resettled refugees in general including: 1) daily living and access to community resources such as, housing, employment, healthcare, education systems, banking, enrolling children in school, public transportation, starting a business, buying a home 2) Working in US ; labor market (e.g. job preparation, licensure requirements for regulated trades and professions, documentation and language requirements); general rights and responsibilities; Canadian law and justice; financial literacy; prevention of family and gender-based violence; health care and mental health supports; culture and the history and current situation of Indigenous peoples, and links to other settlement and community-based services.

The services include managing direct case management services, coordinating airport arrival, assures appropriate interpretation, coordination of medical and other various appointments, arranges transportation for client to appointments as necessary and reasonable, assists refugees in enrollment in human services and referrals to any additional services offered to refugees.

These programs offer newcomer orientation workshops, information, referrals, guidance, advocacy, interpretation and translation, adjustment counseling, newcomer support groups, public education, community outreach and family life education. Information sessions are held regularly on settlement related topics.

Topics delivered through the cultural orientation program include housing, public transit, budgeting, banking, safety, health, and other information pertinent to the successful resettlement of newly arrived refugees. The Cultural Orientation direct service team works to track and monitor client progress.

Our professional team of experts, specialist and consultants connects with new comers before they leave their country of residence and provide them with accurate information and service they need in order to move more quickly into their life process, better prepared when they arrive in US.