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We assist clients in the target population gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. Case Management services help people with long-term behavioral health problems to obtain medical and psychiatric treatment, obtain financial assistance and maintain housing for people who experience mental health issues, problems such as poverty and homelessness can hurt their progress toward recovery. We provide services to:

  • individuals and families with MediCaid, limited insurance or no insurance; Ages 18 and older; Individuals who through investigation are found Medical Necessity and established (face to face) to determine the presence of a severe psychiatric disability and need for Strength Based Case Management services; Client at-risk of homelessness; Client with minimum one hospitalization in the past year or multiple ER utilizations, PERT interventions, jail mental health service and/or long-term care hospitalization;
  • Have major impairments in life functioning;
  • Person is not connected to outpatient treatment;
  • Person is experiencing an acute psychiatric episode that might require SBCM level services
  • Is at high risk of admission to an inpatient mental health facility;
  • Has a substantial need for supportive services (including care coordination and outreach mental health services) to maintain current level of functioning in the community, as evidenced by missed appointments, medication non-adherence, or inability to coordinate services from multiple agencies;
  • Does not have a case manager from another program who is able to address mental health needs.
  • Pregnant women and their infants 

Case managers develop the nature and the specific problem and needs of the woman or infant;

The plans of care are developed in consultation with the recipients, families or legal guardian(s), physicians and others involved with care.

  • Adult protective services Case management:

we provide case management services and assistance for adults who have been abused, neglected or exploited.

  • Children provided by juvenile probation and parole officers:

Case management services furnished to identified clients under nineteen (19) years of age who are under the supervision of a juvenile probation and parole officer (JPPO) and have an identified physical or mental condition which has a high probability of impairing their cognitive, emotional, neurological, social or physical development.

  • Our Case managers possess the education, skills, abilities, and experience in social, community health to perform case management services. They have the language skills, cultural sensitivity, knowledge and expertise unique to the geographic area.
  • Help in accessing the identified programs
  • Assessment of the service needs of recipients to coordinate the delivery of services when multiple providers or programs are involved in the provision of care;
  • Reassessment to ensure that the services which were obtained are necessary and appropriate in meeting the recipient’s needs; and
  • Determination of whether any additional services are warranted.
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