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Seniors Home Care Program

We provide information and referral to community services to support seniors to continue to live independently and to meet the diverse needs

Home care Program provides non-medical services to seniors, who want to live independently in their homes, in their communities, and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. The program is designed to reduce the social isolation of seniors by providing home visits and social activities,

Many service options are available to support seniors to continue to live independently, including:

  • Housekeeping: care givers or mentors help clients with light housekeeping tasks including changing light bulbs, dishes, mowing lawns, floor cleaning and dusting, etc
  • Accompaniment; care givers or mentors provide accompaniment to seniors for their daily activities, such as taking a walk or Social activities in their community.
  • Personal Care Services

Our personal care services provide our clients with practical support in daily activities while maintaining the independence of living at home. We understand that our clients need assistance with activities that were part of their daily routine. We want to provide compassionate and sensitive care in order to promote the clients health and independence.

  • Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene

Care givers can assist in grooming, hair care, oral hygiene, bathing, and skin and nail care. It’s important that a loved one maintains their physical appearance and we want our clients to look and feel

  • Medication Reminders

Care givers can assist in opening the medicine container, reading the label, and reminding the client when to take their medication.

  • Transportation Services

Our care givers or mentors use their own vehicles to drive clients to and from their home to various appointments or community events.

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