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Workforce Employment & Skills Training Services

Refugees come to the United States with a variety of skills and educational backgrounds. The program is a job specific training for immigrants and refugees, who arrive in our country equipped with excellent professional skills and knowledge but face significant barriers to employment. All programs are specially designed for immigrants facing multiple barriers to employment such as English language, foreign credentials, lack of work experience and cultural differences and resettlement issues.

The Employment Services program is designed to assist refugees, immigrant job seekers and specific at-risk refugee populations who have been unable to make the transition to economic self-sufficiency gain employment in areas where the provision of such services may not be reflected. We offer information and referral on the labor market, training opportunities and prepare them to enter the workforce employment.


Every day, refugees and immigrants face barriers to economic opportunity such as poverty, mental health difficulties, poor work skills, and low educational attainment. To advance their education, which helps them move toward self-sufficiency our staff assesses each individual to determine their unique strengths, needs, and desires.

We work with each client to provide a continuing education and training, one-on-one coaching, and other support services. We’ll collaborates with local partners and employers to provide job specific training for our clients. We want to make sure that all our clients have the tools they need to succeed on the job and local businesses have knowledgeable, well-prepared staff.

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