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General immigration services & Citizenship Education Program

We Help refugees on their journey to becoming U.S. Citizens. Coordinate and manage various aspects of the Citizenship Preparation Program.

Eligible client will learn the process for refugees to obtain U.S. citizenship and become familiar with the citizenship test.

The program is ten-week long civics and ESL courses instruction to prepare legal permanent residents for the naturalization exam, interview preparation workshops, in addition to immigration legal service:
There are other reasons for traveling to the United States, which also generally require a visa.

 Others visa & Categories
We connect clients with our partner accredited in immigration and lawyer (Pro Bono) based so that they can receive accurate answers to their needs on various visa and immigration programs:

 Tourism or Visitor Visa
 Permanent Residence
 Employment or Work Permit
 Study Permit
 Investment Visa
 Immigrant Visas
 Humanitarian

 International Student Program
In delivery of transition supports:

 We Provide information, services and support regarding international admissions to programs, students, prospective applicants, the external community, and staff as the primary international resource position.
 We discuss about international students’ personal issues or issues relating to academic performance
 Assessing applications and determining admission decisions with foreign credentials for admission to University and regional college programs, determining equivalency of foreign credentials towards admission criteria.
 Responds to complex requests for information regarding foreign credentials and admission regarding equivalencies and required documents.
 Researches, authenticates and verifies foreign credentials through national and international sources, conducts research on international educational systems.
 Verifies enrollment eligibility as determined by Immigration.
 Provides information, services and support to programs, students, prospective applicants, and staff in the areas of application, admission requirements, selection criteria to programs, registration, grading, transfer credit, fees and refunds, transcription and credential.

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